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A Butler in time

Tòro a posted Mar 8, 17

Trash repair bills, some frustrations and a 0.3% wipe is the recipe to eventually achieving a reasonably clean Flare kill.

Anomoly went down without any major issues after a little more than a full nights progression. Choosing a slightly longer overwhelming phase and sorting healing CD's were the keys to success here.

As for the enraged Trilliax, all he took was reminding people of their love for cakes and helping scrub(ber)s to clean the floor, leading to adding 2 new mythic bosses to our killfeed.

Congrats and well done to all the raiders, but the easy part is over now and it's time to show this apparant NightHold wall what we can do!

On Sunday night HC Gul'dan finally fell. The final fight was definitaly one of the best, and most challenging heroic fights we have had in a while, that forced raiders closer together in order to break the bonds Gul'dan has had in the WoW lore for a very, very long time. 

Now that we have crossed the last hurdle in what has been a much more challenging Heroic tier, we can start looking at a more Mythic aimed progression schedule.... is what I would have written if this post was on time and we hadn't already started :)

Congratulations once more to all raiders that sat through the progression of this kill, and had to bare with me calling a wipe whenever we had a death in P1. I look forward to the mythic section of Nighthold and hope you are all prepared!

Mythic Skorpyron shaken down

Tòro a posted Feb 14, 17

After one too many DC, PC problems, pandas ditching and real life agro for a raid week, let alone a single hour in a raid night, something that not many thought would happen popped up... A kill achievement for Mythic Skorpyron.

What started out as what was looking to be one of the worst raid nights in the guilds history, ended in delivering our first Mythic Nighthold kill. After quite a few horrific wipes, our latest addon ,in the form of a vocalized version of DBM, became live and directed our raiders to a kill. 

Thank you to all raiders that made themselves available to be subbed in to replace the few that had unfortunate exits on from the group, and to everyone else that was present during the kill. Next stop, Anomaly

On wednesday Flare made the push and first downed Mythic Cenarius followed by learning how to do basic movements to stand in green circles to finally down Mythic Xavius on the Famous Last Try for the night, earning 20 players Emerald Nightmare CUTTING EDGE!

Congratulations to the players present for this milestone, and a special thanks to everyone that sat through all the wipes and hard work throughout our Heroic and Mythic Progression. It has been a rough journey, with some bosses falling faster than others (Neverforget dragons wipes), but we pulled it off in a spectacular fashion.

Onward to Nighthold we move then, for what is looking to be a very good raiding time for Flare. With our members improving every raid, we are looking to enter NH with a group of 30 players ready to burst through Heroic and get their spots in Mythic progression.

Killshots for both Cenarius and Xavius below!

Christmas 2016

Thunderblade a posted Dec 13, 16

Just a quick update from the guild as we fast approach the festive season and new year.

Progression Raids will end on Wednesday 21st December and resume on Monday 2nd January 2017

During the festive season, we will be running some Christmas raids such as transmog / achievement runs and a EN HC run, so please check your calendars in game and for the first-time flare will be hosting a scavenger event, please click here for more info

We would like to thank all our members for making flare what it is today, we cannot do anything without you so again Thank You!

From the GM & Officer Team, we would like to wish all our members A Very Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year

Welcome to Flare
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sooo apparently my graphic card burned out during the raid, lol. Fixing the issue asap
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got a lot of work recently, can't neither attent raids, nor even play the game. CU as soon as I get some free time to be able to log. Good luck with your progress meanwhile